Sell Video Games

Sell your old games and media to Retro Island Gaming for cash or store credit! When you sell your items, shipping is on us! Before you sell your items, please review our Selling Guide.

*Unfortunately at this time, we are only accepting items from the United States.

Selling Guide

Selling Process

1. Send an email to

In your email, include the following:

  1. Your name.
  2. Image(s) of the items you are selling. Please make sure the image is clear and all game titles are visible. Clarity of images may impact your quote.

2. Receive a quote for your items from

Quote will be an estimate based on the condition items appear in the images you send. We reserve the right to make adjustments to the final payment if items arrive in a condition that deviates from the expected condition.

3. Accept the quote

Simply respond to the email from to confirm that you accept the quote.

4. Receive a shipping label from Retro Island

5. Ship your items!

Safely package your items. Drop your package off at the post office.

6. Receive payment for your items within 2 business days of receipt by Retro Island

Item Condition Requirements

Unacceptable Conditions Include:

Discs with label-side damage

  • If the silver of the disc is visible, it is considered damaged

Water-Damaged Art

  • If the art of the game has moderate to severe water damaged, it will be devalued


  • Only authentic copies of games will be accepted

Reprinted Art

  • If a game case has reprinted or fake art, the game will be valued as game only
  • Fake or reprinted art directly on a game cartridge or disc will not be accepted

Excessively Grimy/Dirty Games

  • Mold
  • Excessive dirt/grime
  • Clogged ports/cartridge slots
  • Deep corrosion
  • Stuck/broken buttons/switches

Broken/Cracked Games

  • Part of the physical game is missing or cracked

Acceptable Conditions Include:


  • Whether there are stickers on the game art, case, etc., we accept it!

Light scratches on the bottom of disc

Light dirt/dust